Liftco LLC Company is in the business of designing and providing the highest quality elevator and escalator products and services. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service with an emphasis on personal customer relationships. Our strength is our employees’ dedication to teamwork, commitment to excellence, and focus on continuous improvement. We will conduct our business with integrity and will act with honesty and respect in dealing with customers, employees, and business partners.

Who we are

From our headquarters in Tbilisi the heart and beautiful capital city of Georgia, we serve our customers in all matters of vertical transportation. Specializing in service and repair of elevators and escalators of all brands, while also offering construction and modernization.

We set out to provide our customer base with skilled technicians and prompt, personalized service at a competitive price. In fact, most contractors prefer our company. Team attitude and the service we provide are winning components. We rarely ever ask for a change order, unless the customers demand it. We cover all bases on the front end. Our customers’ trust and satisfaction are essential elements to a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship and have provided us with continued success.