Escalators, automatic pedestrian elevators, armrest elevators, and escalators are the means of transportation to transport pedestrians in a conveyor belt. The escalator is generally inclined. The step of the pedestrian at one end of the escalator will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator, and the ladder will keep the level on the way. The outdoor escalator has a handrail on both sides of the ladder that is synchronized with the ladder for the user to hold. The escalator can walk in one direction forever, but most of them can control the direction of walking by the managers according to the needs of time, people flow and so on.





a) with excellent quality and exquisite workmanship, use the advanced technology to drive the escalator.

● Driving power is strong, stable driving force, reliable. Indoor escalator can run smoothly even if it is overloaded in a short time.

● The brake shoes with timely, reliable and adjustable brake are placed between motors and gearboxes, which can ensure escalator smooth braking performance and braking distance.

● The protection function, outdoor escalator overspeed governor is automatically cut off the power supply inside the machine when the motor speed exceeds 20% of the rated speed. The anti-reversing device prevents the motor's non maneuverability from reversing. The thermal protection of the motor in the machine ensures the safe operation of the motor.


b) Microcomputer control system and fault self-diagnosis display device

The control system adopts the microcomputer system produced by advanced Japanese technology, and has perfect function. The safety switches controlled by the microcomputer system are all over the key parts of the escalator, and keep the continuous monitoring of the running state of the whole machine. If in certain parts of the escalator malfunction or accident may lead to the abnormal phenomenon, the microcomputer will automatically cut off the power supply and the brakes, and then the relevant data of fault location in the digital tube display, which makes maintenance personnel can find the fault position immediately, convenient maintenance, reduce the maintenance time for.


c) The structural stability of the truss

The weight of the escalator and the weight of all passengers are supported by trusses. Therefore, the structure and performance of the truss directly affect the operation of the escalator and the safety of the passengers. This type of escalator adopts a new type of square tube truss, which is connected with the advanced international level. The mechanical properties of the square tube (including flexural, tensile and anti-vibration) are all superior to the angle steel. The square tube truss has a good rigidity, which ensures the stable operation of the outdoor escalator under long time heavy load, and can prolong the service life of the escalator. Automatic lubrication system stable performance

In order to ensure low noise, low vibration and prolong service life of chain rollers during operation, the escalator adopts microcomputer controlled automatic lubrication system. The oil pump timing controlled by a microcomputer is used to add quantitative lubricants to all important parts of the escalator. It overcomes the majority of the semi-automatic lubrication system that most of the domestic manufacturers use full-time personnel to operate on the escalator. It avoids the shortcomings of the expected results as well as the difficulty in controlling the amount of refueling because of the reasons for the people. Perfect security system

This type of escalator has adopted comprehensive safety protection measures and basically eliminated the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.

Moving Walks



The moving walk refers to a circular running (plate or belt) aisle for a fixed electric drive device that carries passengers at a horizontal or inclined angle not more than 12 degrees. The moving walk is suitable for stations, wharves, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls and gymnasiums. It appeared in the early twentieth Century. The structure is similar to the escalator, which is mainly composed of two parts of the active pavement and the armrest. Usually, its active pavement does not form a staircase in the case of tilt.

The moving walk brings a new level of simplicity and comfort to shopping. It allows easy and safe access to all parts of the building, even when moving with a loaded cart or trolley.